Offshore Solutions

"Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems" Anthony J.D´Angelo


Brokerage firm + bank account

ST.Vincent & Grenadines

Period of completion: 1 week

St.Vincent is the cheapest option for those who wish to set up a Forex brokerage firm, as there´s no license required in that country to operate. With this package we will also open for you a corporate Bank account for Forex brokerage purposes with one of the different Banks we currently cooperate.

Company + License + Bank account

Labuan - Malaysia

Period of Completion: 2/3 months

Labuan is the perfect option specially for those who want to target Asian markets. This package includes a custom drafting of AML procedures and Company Business Plan and bank account in a Tier1 bank as Citi,HSBC, among others.

Company + License + Bank account

The Cook Islands

Period of Completion: 2/4 months

One of the most secretive offshore banking jurisdiction in the world, The Cook Islands is an option to consider if you are looking for a licensed operation at a small cost and in just a couple of months time..

Company + License + Bank account


Period of completion: 5/6 months

Cyprus is probably the "Meca" of financial institutions, from Forex, Binaries, to Corporate services, all establishing their headquarters/offices in this island. Part of European Union, with a low taxes regime and in the perfect time zone if you want to target countries all over the world, iis definitely an option to consider. However, in Cyprus there´s minimum capital requirements to get your license approved.