About us

Paragon for the Ancient Greek means Excellence.
For us means SOLUTIONS

Why us?

Fund Paragon is a group of professionals with years of experience in Law and Financial Markets, with one goal in mind: To provide a limitless world for our clients.

With us you will be able to open an offshore entity anywhere, set up your own investment fund, open a bank account, and all this in just few weeks time and under the directives and rules in place.

From Offshore jurisdictions as Vanuatu, to Belize or Cyprus, you will be enjoying not only a better tax plan but also being supported 24/7 by a multilingual team that will be guiding you during all stages of the process.

Tired to lose money in the FX Market?

With the help of professional traders and Developers, we have developed trading software that is generating outstanding results in the FX market.

Our system is already being used by several investment banks and financial institutions, and it's now also available for retail clients. This is your chance to be on the right side of the Trade.

If you are looking for an automated trading strategy, free of emotions, that can generate a consistent return on your investment, this is your chance!

Time to go Offshore?

You want an offshore solution but you are struggling to find reliable information online?

Each client is a client, and this kind of matter requires professional treatment.

From setting up Offshore companies, offshore bank accounts across 25 different countries, we are the right partner to assist you on that.
In less than 1 week you will have everything ready, and exactly as requested.

People say that Time is Money. We prefer to say that Money is Time well spent

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